About Us

Who We Are

We are a technology, design, and media production company based out of Mishawaka, Indiana, providing services to clients both nationally and locally. At White Tie Tech we provide a wide range of technology solutions from managed IT services, web design and data recovery, to ERP systems implementation, online marketing, and pro-audio and DJ services.



At White Tie Tech we have a straightforward approach to answering your tech questions and issues. We will NOT give you the sugar coated answers that you or your boss want to hear, we will give you the cold hard truth that you need to hear. Because we known that sugar coated “advice” is not only a hazard to the overall health of an organization but also to individual people. It can lead to a  false sense of security, unnecessary technological expenses, and slow company growth. In the worst cases this bad advice can lead to financial losses and threaten the future of the company.

Our desire is to provide customers with professional and friendly technology and multimedia services. We are here to serve you though our Managed IT services and ERP software for businesses, to virus removal and DJ services for the individual consumer. We know technology can be difficult and we strive to merge technology and simplicity. Our technicians are trained to talk to you in everyday language, not as if you are a technician. All of our work is done by professional or certified individuals and is available for a fraction of the price of national competitors.

The world of technology is more than just a source of income for our employees, the world of technology is their life. Just as technology never stops changing, we never stop advancing in our knowledge and role in the future of technology. While other geeks may be worried about perfecting their video game character, our technicians are worried about perfecting their technological expertise. Our continued growth in the area of IT is an essential part of our culture at White Tie Tech

Just as white tie events provide truly professional service, we at White Tie Tech will provide true personal and professional service. We combine the knowledge of experts from a multitude of fields to deliver to you high-class white tie services in a wide variety of technology sectors. While it is common for IT professionals to speak over your head and talk circles around you, we instead sit down and communicate every detail and make sure you understand what is going on. We will explain the various concepts and technical terms in ways that you understand so that you can feel secure in your technology decisions.