Password Headaches

Password Headaches and Other Problems

Passwords are without a doubt the most commonly hated aspect technology. So to save time in the future, take a minute and read this quick guide on how to prevent password headaches (or aka A Quick Guide To Stop Losing Your Passwords).

Forgetting your Password

Everyone has had the experience of opening your web browser to encounter the login screen. So you being to enter your password and hit “Login” but you get the dreaded “wrong password” message. You enter your password two more times, then you get the dreaded warning that says:

“You have 1 login attempt remaining before you are locked out of your account”.

Now you are most likely talking under your breath to the computer, asking why the website has to be so “picky” about the password that you set.

Resetting Your Password

You decided its not worth getting locked out, so you click the “Reset Password” button. The “Reset Password” page loads, but you do not get the option to enter your email to get a password reset link. Instead the website wants you to answer some security questions that you set 3 years ago. After 10 minutes of trying to remember and correctly spell what your favorite song was when you were a teen, you finally get the chance to reset the password.


Now that you are able to reset your password you practically explode at the fact that you have to have a password that has:

  • More than 8 characters
  • Upper and lowercase letters
  • Atleast 1 Number
  • Atleast 1 special character

You begin to enter your new password which is “1GreatP@ssword” and then you hit the submit button. But you get ANOTHER ERROR, now you learn that the special character can NOT be the @ sign, instead it can only be !#$%^&. Finally you get your new password entered and you are able to log-in to the  website.

Stop Losing Passwords

While fingerprint scanners on phones have made some aspects of using passwords less painful, but it is still a hassle to remember them all. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to remember all of those passwords? What if you could just safely use one password on all of the websites you visit?  Finally that is a possibility!All Posts

To avoid the password headache, download LastPass. LastPass is a free password manager that syncs your passwords between your PC, Mac, Apple, or Android device, so that you do not have to remember them or write them down. The idea behind this app is you only have to remember one larger password or passphrase. Then that single password is the LAST PASSword you have to remember, ever.

(Note: We are NOT paid to endorse this app, it is just awesome.)

What does it do?

LastPass monitors the websites you visit and every time you login to a website it asks you if it should remember that username and password.  If you answer “yes” to have it remember the password, it will store that username and password to your LastPass Vault. Then in the future when you visit that website again, LastPass will automatically fill in the username and password. It also can generate a new highly secure password whenever you need one.

Is it Safe?

This is a perfectly valid question to ask, as you often store some sensitive data online. The good news is that it is completely safe because

everything in your LastPass Vault is double encrypted.

This makes it impossible for hackers or LastPass employees to get your passwords. The only way someone to access your LastPass data is if you have them sit at your computer and let them watch you type. So you don’t have to worry about security either.

There are several of other features and security aspects to LastPass but we will discuss that in another post.

Get LastPass from the official LastPass.com website.

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