What is ERP software

What is ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) Software is basically software to manage every aspect of a business or organization. This is accomplished through the use of numerous integrated or apps (or modules) to manage everything from customers, inventory, and orders, to finances, projects, online sales, and even shipping.

All of the data in an ERP system is instantly available in real-time to every other relevant module or app. This allows for high level real-time financial and business process overview and analysis. From the high-level overview you can instantly drill down into financial anomalies or inventory discrepancies with a surprising amount of detail. Further down on this page you will find more information on the numerous benefits of ERP software can have on any organization.

The use of ERP software in small and medium sized businesses is somewhat rare due to the cost and complexity of traditional systems. At White Tie Tech, we are working to eliminate that barrier thru the use of the web-based cloud software.


That is where Odoo comes-in, it is the leading web & cloud based ERP software that has more features than most of its challengers. 

Find out more about the past of ERP software and why it hasn’t made its way into many Small and Medium Businesses.


Why Web & Cloud-based ERP Software

Web-based Cloud ERP software provides several unique advantages that allows small and medium businesses to implement ERP software. Before we go further lets define some terms:


  • Web-based – is software that can be used entirely from a web browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer).
    Examples include: Google Drive / Docs and Basecamp.
  • Cloud (or cloud-based) – software that does not require a server to be on-site at a company.
    Examples include: Office 365 and Trello.

Some software such as Office 365 or Google Drive are both Web-based cloud software. The line between the two has become increasingly more thin in all areas, except ERP software. There are only a few companies are trying to create web-based non-cloud ERP and even less creating full web-based cloud ERP.

The big ERP vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, etc have traditionally relied on proprietary technology, costly database engines, and require vast amounts of processing power. Due to these hardware requirements many ERP vendors have had trouble scaling back their software to make it cost effective and useful in a web-based cloud environment. Properly built web-based cloud ERP software can offer immense cost savings and benefits that are simply impossible in traditional ERP environments.


Who should use ERP

There are very few companies that would not benefit from the use and implementation of ERP software. When a company is properly paired to the right ERP system it helps position the company for rapid growth and increased productivity.  Organizations that can benefit best from ERP include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Local stores and grocery chains
  • Schools
  • Start-up companies
  • Sales focused industries

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