Computer Services

Bloatware Removal

Your new computer may have some preinstalled software that is waiting to cause problems.

Custom Computers

From budget computers to high-end processing systems, the possibilities are endless.

Computer Refurbishing

Used computers can carry viruses and have broken hardware, does yours?

Computer Upgrade

Save some money and give your old computer a boost.

Data Backup

Better safe than sorry. Save your data before it’s lost.

Data Recovery

Your deleted data and lost files may not be gone forever.

General Computer Training

Learn and get caught up with today’s technology.

General Computer Troubleshooting

Is your computer crashing, beeping, sparking, or giving you a blank screens?

Hardware (Repair, Replacement, and Installation)

Technology has a tendency to break regardless of what brand, type, or model.

New Computer Setup

Computer problems start the day you bring it home.

Operating System (OS) Installation

We can provide you with an upgrade or a fresh start for your computer.

Printer (Scanner, Copier) Setup

Printing shouldn’t be confusing, hard, or frustrating. Let us get your computer and printer on the same page.

Registry Cleaning and Repair

Your computer has a directory of information that tells it how to work and over time can become unorganized.

Secure Data Removal

Simply deleting a file isn’t good enough. Let us virtually shred it.

Software (Installation, Configuration, and Removal)

Installing and removing software can cause worse problems than some viruses.

Software Training (various)

Learn new software such as Microsoft Office, new web browsers, and more at your own pace.

Spyware Detection and Removal

see Malware Detection and Removal

Virus Detection and Removal

see Malware Detection and Removal

Web Browsing Enhancements

Your slow internet experience could be fixed a few simple steps.