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White Tie Tech DJ Services

More Than Speakers

White Tie Tech DJs do more than just play music, they bring the atmosphere to your event through orchestrating the perfect set list, engaging the crowd, and giving ounce of their energy to make your event perfect.

We know that music is an art form which makes a DJ an art curator. This means a DJ is responsible for finding the right musical art for your event and using it to set and guide the mood of the event. Once that is complete a DJ should be continually reading the crowd and adjusting the music as needed to ensure that a good moment is not lost. At White Tie Tech our DJs are seasoned professionals that have years of experience and will effortlessly guide your event so that you can relax knowing everything is under control.

A New Kind of DJ

A true DJ is more than someone with laptop and a playlist. They are a masterful stage manager whose responsibility spans beyond just the music for the event. Allow us to help guide your event from start to finish, ensuring that everyone who is involved is on the same page.


We will make sure we are aware of all relevant events before, during, and after the wedding reception to ensure that the event goes smoothly and to ensure that our equipment setup and torn down in a timely manner.

School Dances

We will help that all codes of conduct are honored and that all music that is played is safe for the radio. We understand that you want a DJ to ensure your students enjoy the dance without any speakers broadcasting obscenities for all to hear.


Regardless of what event you have, our goal is to make it memorable for all the right reasons.  So we will work with you to make sure your party is a blast.

Lights, Music, and Dance

With songs from nearly every genre of music, our music library has grown to include hit music from before the swinging 60’s to today’s best music.

Other than simply DJing your event we include the following services to help spice up your party.*

  • Guaranteed Song Availability* – Our music extensive music library is extensive and includes thousands of songs and hundreds of artist, we guarantee we will have the music that you OR your guest want. If we don’t have a song that is requested during a dance or party we will purchase it during the event so that no one leaves disappointed.
  • Text message song requests – Your guests can request song via our exclusive and free text messaging service so they don’t have to leave the dance floor to request their favorite song.
  • Text message voting – Allow your students to vote for prom king and queen or almost anything else with our text message voting system.
  • Lights – We will light up the dance floor with our club style lighting.
  • Fog machines* – We can add just enough fog to add that extra touch of excitement to your event and ensure the club lights stand out.


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* = Availability of some services is conditional on the venue.
Some services require cellphone service or a WiFi connection.