Business Management Software

Manage your business better with a complete business management software suite. 
Odoo is a new breed of ERP software that is built for small and medium businesses. Odoo allows you to manage every aspect of your business from one mobile friendly web-based interface. It doesn’t require any licensing fees, expensive equipment, and is easy to use and affordable customize. It can also gives you instant reports on the health of your business and automates various time consuming tasks. Odoo is software you have always wanted, but didn’t know existed. Odoo allows you to say goodbye to:
  • Purchasing new accounting software every year
  • Updating 2 to 3 different systems just to manage sales, inventory, and customer notes
  • Maintaining out-of-date spreadsheets
  • AND installing business software on your computer

Why Odoo 

Our goal with Odoo is to allow you to work on your business, rather than just in it. Odoo accomplishes this through eliminating unneeded process redundancy and automated administrative tasks. That means when you use Odoo, you will have less financial overhead and more time to grow your business. In fact, most companies that implement an EPR system (such as Odoo) see a complete ROI in 1-3 years. In short, Odoo allows you to focus on improving your company and increasing your revenue.
A key feature of Odoo is how relevant business data is instantly shared between Odoo’s Apps. This allows for all data to be immediately updated and accessible for each department to see whats happening in real time.
In short, Odoo is business software built from the ground up to help improve small and medium businesses regardless of their industry. Take a look below on some of the ways Odoo can help your business become even better.

Features & Apps


Odoo does more for your business, plain and simple. With a growing library of over 100 Apps you never have to worry about installing another program again. The most common Apps used in Odoo include:











The primary benefits to using an ERP software suite such as Odoo, include the integration of various apps, the shared real-time data, and the ability to provide instantly up-to-date and accurate reports.


Save time and money with Odoo reports, you no longer have to install separate reporting software or send data to Excel to make beautiful reports. Odoo provides two types of reports, traditional and interactive. Both of these reports are instantly available within just a few mouse clicks.
Traditional Reports

Odoo’s traditional reports instantly give you the most common business reports, such as Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss statements, Sales Reports, inventory data and more

valuation, or determining the health of a business
.These traditional reports are most often useful fo
r tax preparation, business 

Interactive Reports

Odoo’s interactive reports are an amazing tool that deliver business intelligence in a beautiful format.  Odoo’s interactive reports allow you to perform rapid analysis of any financial or reporting anomalies in a matter of minutes. With just a few clicks, you can:
  • Add or modify parameters to narrow or widen the scope of whats reported
  • Change the how the data is displayed
  • Export the report for future use
  • Add that report to your Dashboard, for future use


Reports List

Some examples of the traditional and interactive reports includes:
  • Profitability reports:
    • Per Employee
    • Per Customer
    • Per Project
    • Per Product
  • Balance Sheets
  • Profit / Loss statements
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly revenue growth comparisons
  • And more


Automation is a key feature of Odoo and some of the areas that are currently automated (or can be automated) include:
  • Updating ALL financial records for EVERY aspect of your business.
  • Ordering of supplies from vendors.
  • Processing a sales order so it is ready for manufacturing.
  • Updating clients based on the status of an order or project.
  • Adding events to department calendars based on the status of projects, orders, materials availability, or client email responses.

Growth and Scale

Understanding that growth is key to a businesses success, not only will Odoo help your business grow but it will grow with your business. So as your company grows Odoo will seamlessly scale so you will not experience any interruptions in service or performance. After all our goal with Odoo is to bring enterprise level tools to small and medium businesses. Previously only billion dollar companies could afford  business management (or ERP) software. So we are leveraging the power of the Cloud to Develop and run this software.
Now, real-time data and automated processes, you can make better more informed decisions about the direction your company takes and how you will lead your company to a bright and more profitable future.